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Smart Cities Using Tech to Tackle Social Isolation

One of the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge

  Smart city: using technology to tackle traffic and social isolation in Melbourne. Sharing child pickup duties, getting people to the bus stop and consolidating deliveries are some of the ideas emerging in the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge Source: Smart city: using technology to tackle traffic and social isolation in Melbourne | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian (Visited 4…

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Three things the U.S. can learn from Singapore’s smart city crusade


Editor’s note: Singapore is known as a global leader in a burgeoning smart cities market. StateScoop’s Jason Shueh got a closer look at its policies and technologies on a weeklong trip in May 2017. For more of his coverage from his visit, look here. Three things the U.S. can learn from Singapore’s smart city crusadeStateScoop shares on-the-ground observations into the polices, investments and initiatives of one…

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The Problems With Smart Cities

Artist illustration of a Smart City

The “smart city” sounds like a digital utopia, a place where data eliminates first-world hassles, dangers and injustices. But there are some problems with smart cities, and no one, to my knowledge at least, has pointed them out. The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and dozens of other publications are gleefully optimistic about smart cities. No more traffic! Renewable energy for…

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Atlanta evaluates dozens of smart city offers

he Atlanta city seal is emblazoned with the latin word resurgens which means resurrection

New projects around connected and autonomous vehicles, smart city sensors, fiber and Wi-Fi are expected to launch in Atlanta this year. The city published four requests for information (RFI) around smart city technology and broadband infrastructure last year and received more than 60 responses by the December deadline. The city is now reviewing those responses, having tested the vendor community…

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The Digital Services Playbook — from the U.S. Digital Service


Digital Services Playbook The American people expect to interact with government through digital channels such as websites, email, and mobile applications. By building digital services that meet their needs, we can make the delivery of our policy and programs more effective. Today, too many of our digital services projects do not work well, are delivered late, or are over budget.…

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Boston Smart City Playbook | Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics


So far, many “Smart City” pilot projects that we’ve undertaken here in Boston have ended with a glossy presentation, and a collective shrug. Nobody’s really known what to do next, or how the technology and data might lead to new or improved services. We want to change that. We address this playbook to the technology companies, scientists, researchers, journalists, and…

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