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Help – Corporate Enterprise Subcriptions

Every subscriber who signs up for a Corporate Enterprise Subscription will have the ability to add sub-members at no-cost up to the number as allowed per Bronze, Silver or Gold Level accounts. Sub-accounts have access to everything their parent corporate enterprise account subscriber does (except for the corporate enterprise account member's account information and billing information).

Subscribers with Corporate Enterprise Accounts

The individual that signs up for the Corporate Enterprise Subscription will become the parent subscriber for the Corporate Enterprise Subscription. 

Managing Sub-accounts

The Corporate Enterprise Subscription parent subscriber can manage sub-accounts by logging into to his/her "Account" page, selecting the "Subscriptions" link, and then clicking the "Sub Accounts" link for the listed subscription. Once there, parent subscribers are able to add sub-accounts using a form, uploading via CSV or using a signup URL.

Finding Sub Accounts


Managing Sub Accounts

User Form

Add sub-accounts one-at-a-time by clicking the "Add Sub Account" button. This will display a form for the sub-account user's username and email. You also have the option of sending password and welcome emails.

Signup URL

Use the signup URL when you want to provide a public link to all the sub-account users that will allow them to sign up for the corporate/group membership. This is a useful feature when dealing with a large number of users. The link can be sent out in a mass email.

Importing Sub-accounts

The Corporate Enterprise Subscription parent subscriber can also import sub-accounts.

In the "Parent User" field type the username of the parent/corporate user. Once found, select it and the correct Corporate Enterprise Subscription will be automatically selected.

Finally, select the CSV file of sub-accounts and upload. A sub-account will be created for each row. If a sub-account already exists, the data in the row will update the existing attributes.


Import Sub Accounts As Corporate Enterprise Subscription Parent Subscriber 


Sub Accounts CSV

The only fields needed for the CSV are:

* Username ("username") 
* Email ("email") 
* First name ("first_name") 
* Last name ("last_name")

Here's a link to a sample corporate sub-account member import file:

Corporate Account Sub Accounts (CSV)