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Digital Accessibility Digest Stay on top of developments in website, elearning, and application accessibility. The Digital Accessibility Digest brings curated, Microassist original, and guest-provided news and information of interest to web, content, and application developers, as well as IT departments and legal counsel. Content focuses on the importance of implementing WCAG 2.0- and Section 508-specified accessibility practices that make digital…

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The secret to citizen engagement- Amsterdam #SmartCity

Amsterdam Smart City Banner-Screenshot-2017-10-27 Amsterdam Smart City

The secret to citizen engagement. Lessons from a Manchester success story.Does your project’s success depend on the involvement of citizens? But are you struggling to interest or motivate them? In Manchester, Dave Coleman and his team have developed a method with which they have so far managed to excite and engage over 4.000 people about climate change. Not just the…

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Madison opens its first playground accessible to children with disabilities | Politics and Elections |


Children with physical and developmental disabilities now have an accessible city playground.The new Brittingham Park playground on Madison’s South Side includes traditional park features such as monkey bars while providing intellectually stimulating puzzles, an accessible merry-go-round and a smooth rubber surface around the play equipment. It is the first of five such playgrounds the city plans to create.“Often we express…

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A #SmartCity is an #Inclusive City

two people one using a whellchair and the other on legs walking in a park-Screenshot-2017-10-27 http www evirall com

Like once a year, December three shall be a United Nations sanctioned International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). The goal is to extend public consciousness of the prerequisites of disabled other people and, on the similar time, to have fun their achievements and contributions. IDPwD has been supported by means of the Australian Government since 1996 and lately it’s…

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Auditors say city’s website needs improvement @Austin Monitor @mayoradler

Screenshot-2017-10-27 Auditors say city’s website needs improvement – Austin Monitor-a woman looking at art on a wall with text-Imagine Austin 5 year report

Auditors say city’s website needs improvement. The Office of the City Auditor has found that although the city’s website,, offers residents numerous online services, the website does not meet accessibility guidelines, so it is difficult for people with certain disabilities to find and use those services The audit findings were released and accepted at Wednesday’s City Council Audit and…

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San Francisco Tech Council to advance a senior learning initiative

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Fujitsu Partners with San Francisco Tech Council to Host Preserving Memories Event-

Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today announced it will host an event with the San Francisco Tech Council to advance a senior learning initiative. Fujitsu, the Community Living Campaign and the San Francisco Tech Council (SF Tech Council) will team up to host a “Preserving Memories” event on Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 3…

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NDIS provides $80 million for inclusion | The Hon Jane Prentice MP

Screenshot-2017-10-26 NDIS provides $80 million for inclusion The Hon Jane Prentice MP-Jane Prentice, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services

More than $80 million worth of grants to help make communities more inclusive and supportive of people with disability in New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are now available. This latest round of funding is part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s (NDIS), Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Jurisdictional Based Grants.The Hon…

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Are #smartcities failing the disabled and elderly? | @jamesthu @victorpineda #smartcities4all

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Are smart cities failing the disabled and elderly – Dr Victor Pineda, President of World Enabled, and James Thurston, G3ict’s Vice President for Global Strategy and Develop

During Smart Cities NYC 2017, a new toolkit, Smart cities for all, was released to help cities reduce the digital divide and make them accessible for all. Jonathan Andrews spoke to Dr Victor Pineda, President of World Enabled, and Co-Chair, Persons with Disabilities, on the General Assembly of Partners, the civil society body designed to help governments implement Habitat III.…

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Disabled Recreation – Enabling those with disabilities to enjoy modern #SmartCity frivolity

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Disabled Recreation – Enabling those with disabilities to enjoy modern frivolity

Enabling those with disabilities to enjoy modern #SmartCity frivolity Implications Discussions around inclusion of the disabled community tend to employ a more pragmatic approach, focusing on accessibility, the medical industry, and injustices. These topics are important, however living with a disability also encompasses how to approach life’s small pleasures given the circumstances. Brands are stepping forward to lead the charge,…

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#SmartCity Disability Infrastructure – Technology to accommodate all!

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Disability Infrastructure – Technology is being utilized to create spaces to accommodate all

Technology is being utilized to create spaces to accommodate all Implications – In the past, improving accessibility in spaces for those with disabilities focused on small changes to individual locations. Technology is enabling a shift toward more wide-spanning accommodation within large spaces. Leveraging geo-location, touchless monitoring, and 3D printing for these purposes speaks to a new era of AI that…

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The Harkin International Disability Employment Summit | @HarkinSummit @AndyAUCD

Screenshot-2017-10-26 The Harkin International Disability Employment Summit Creating Careers and Professions for People wit[…]

In its first year, the Harkin International Disability Employment Summit convened 180+ attendees from 30 countries over 1.5 days. The Summit was an invitation-only event of select stakeholders who had been successful at employing people with all types of disabilities, or adapting policies and practices that encourage others to do so. This year, we expect an even more robust turnout.…

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The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement @HarkinSummit @Harkinista @SenatorHarkin


Welcome to The Harkin Institute. The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement exists to inform citizens, inspire creative cooperation, and catalyze change on issues of social justice, fairness, and opportunity. Founded on the premise that good public policy is best achieved when policymakers have access to high quality information, political processes are open and well-understood, and citizens are…

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OpenAIR Powered by Knowbility


OpenAIR is a global web accessibility challenge that pairs teams of web developers with registered non-profits looking to create or improve their websites. 20th Annual OpenAIR is underway!  February 8, 2018 – May 15, 2018 Welcome to OpenAIR – the web accessibility challenge! Organized by Austin based nonprofit organization Knowbility, OpenAIR is a global web accessibility challenge that pairs participating teams of web developers and…

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#SmartCity Experience – Amsterdam Smart City


Experience smart city solutions on the innovative MarineterreinThe Smart City Lab is initiated by Amsterdam Smart City. In this Lab dozens of Smart City solutions can be found from Amsterdam and other cities within several themes. Information regarding each innovation will be displayed on a Smart ID Card – a brief information card with answers to several key questions. Around…

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#SmartCities and Inclusive Innovation @mynatt @GtScii


Georgia Tech’s initiative on Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation develops innovative approaches to shaping resilient and sustainable communities. Through research and development, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge programming we bring Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary expertise in technology and policy to the development of smart cities and communities. Source: Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation

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40 Brilliant Open Data Projects Preparing #SmartCities for 2018


In our updated list, discover how local governments around the world are preparing smart cities for 2018 using open data! Source: 40 Brilliant Open Data Projects Preparing Smart Cities for 2018 — CARTO Blog

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AT&T Smart Cities Initiatives | ReadWrite


In an announcement timed with this year’s MWC Americas, the city of Atlanta is receiving an Internet of Things (IoT) boost, in the form of a sensor-enabled data network that monitors traffic, parking, and pedestrian movement. AT&T, Current by GE, and Georgia Power have collaborated to fit 200 LED streetlights in the North Ave. Corridor, Buckhead Loop, MLK and Northside Drive,…

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#Smart Cities – ReadWrite

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Our Mission We are building the next generation of tech media companies focused on providing relevant information in a way that favors readers’ productivity instead of page views and time on site. Leveraging this new and efficient type of content, ReadWrite aggregates professional communities dedicated to specific subjects of interest such as connected cars, smart homes, AR/VR, fintech and APIs.…

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Technology Solutions for Inclusive Smart Cities

Screenshot-2017-10-20 Microsoft CityNext Technology solutions for smart cities

Microsoft CityNext is empowering cities to digitally transform and unlock their potential by delivering smart city inclusive innovations Source: Microsoft CityNext: Technology solutions for smart cities

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Who are smart cities going to help the most? | A #SmartCity Citizen Co-Creation Project


There’s no one way to build a smart city. Cities are different and the wants and needs of their citizens, while similar in many ways, are different in others. As many cities have found out, it’s not always easy to get citizens involved with planning and engaged in the process or who actually benefits (or does not benefit) from the…

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