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A Techies Guide for Monitoring Urban Accessibility in Smart Cities

Urban Accessibility

Abstract The present work discusses the possibilities offered by the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies with the aim of designing a system to dynamically obtain knowledge of accessibility issues in urban environments. This system is facilitated by technology to analyse the urban user experience and movement accessibility, which enabling accurate identification of urban barriers and monitoring its effectiveness over…

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Pittsburgh’s Smart City Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation

Smart City Pittsburgh Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation

The Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation is a living strategic plan developed from the vision of Mayor William Peduto for the City of Pittsburgh to be a city of equity, access and opportunity through cross-sector partnerships and collaboration. The Roadmap sets out to connect, encourage and measure inclusive innovation in the City of Pittsburgh through internal innovation and partnerships with organizations,…

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Smart City Philadelphia Leaders Prioritize Community | Smart Cities Dive

Philadelphia leaders prioritize community while developing a smart city roadmap | Smart Cities Dive

  Philadelphia leaders prioritize community while developing a smart city roadmap The City of Brotherly Love is placing a strong focus on community needs instead of simply pushing government agendas or technology trends. • Published Nov. 9, 2017 Philadelphia is launching itself into the smart cities space, but right now leaders are most intent on devising a roadmap to effectively…

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Significant milestone for Smart City development – standards organizations agree to work together to move cities to greater smartness


Cities need to make better use of resources and become more efficient: Policies, regulation, citizen involvement and standards are all key components needed to build a viable Smart City. While all are important, in a path towards smarter cities, standardization will play a key role in ensuring consistent outcomes. Standards are relevant in the physical world, where they allow for the interconnection of hardware and technologies, but also in the virtual space where they facilitate data collection/sharing as well as city operation….

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The Future of Equity in Cities @leagueofcities

The Future of Equity in Cities @leagueofcities

As cities embrace a future permeated by technology, local leaders must continually reassert and revisit community values, while ensuring these values are the foundation of new plans, policies, and programs.

This is particularly true in the areas of infrastructure, public safety and economic development, which are consistently identified as top issues of concern for city officials.

NLC’s latest report, “The Future of Equity in Cities” takes these core issues and forecasts the opportunities and challenges to come in the near-term, and further out in 2030. Our findings include….

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10 Lessons in More Engaging Citizen Engagement | Smart Cities Dive

Crowdsourcing with a diverse set of citizens in a urban center

s more people choose to live in cities, local governments find themselves facing increasingly complex issues in city-making. Demands for affordable housing and public transit, tensions around gentrification and density, even connecting the dots between city planning and climate change, are just some of the more high-profile critical conversations our cities need. Solutions can come from many places, but smart cities realize that engaging the broad public in the city-making process leads to better answers and a deeper public ownership of our future.

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Smart City Citizen Engagement Programs – iProximity

Smart City Citizen Engagement Programs – iProximity

Often a City will begin their Smart City Initiatives with large infrastructure projects such as smart lighting, smart water meters, security, etc. but many of these programs have no direct influence on local citizens, visitors or help local businesses. Directly engaging citizens with information programs and helping local businesses to grow through smart programs have shown to have positive impacts on adoption and acceptance of Smart City projects.

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San Jose, CA – #SmartCity Vision -Innovation and Inclusion


This is San Jose’s smart city vision, making San Jose the most innovative and inclusive city on the planet by 2020. Source: San Jose, CA – Official Website – Smart City Vision

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What Can Smart Cities Do To Stay Relevant and Socially Inclusive

Screenshot-2017-10-29 Here’s what smart cities do to stay ahead – EconoTimes

Smart cities create a symbiosis between information, the Internet of Things and technologies to make better decisions and provide desired services. These cities map community preferences to improve services and infrastructure including public transport, libraries and waste services. They use sensors, Bluetooth and iPhones to track conditions and activities and send awareness messages ahead of emerging problems and disasters. Smart…

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Google’s @SidewalkLabs takes the lead in #smartcity development in Toronto – @smartcityhub

Screenshot-2017-10-29 Google’s Sidewalk Labs takes the lead in ‘smart city’ development in Toronto – Smart City Hub

Sidewalk Labs responded to an open call for a proposal for the redevelopment of Quayside, brownfield land around Toronto’s old port. This call was issued by Waterfront Toronto – a public controlled urban development agency that aspires “to explore new ideas, new innovations, new partnerships that if successful could apply to the rest of Toronto, other cities in Canada and…

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7 smart city strategies from pioneering cities across the world

Screenshot-2017-10-29 7 smart city strategies from cities across the world

We highlight the innovative efforts of several of the leading international smart cities, drawing advice from their efforts. Source: 7 smart city strategies from pioneering cities across the world

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Future Cities – a Cross Industry Mammoth | #SmartCity Roadmaps


We have always talked that the governments’ mission ever is to Protect – keeping people safe and protected from disasters, economic shocks, crime and terrorism –, Provide – more and better services for their constituents, communities and businesses, improving how people work, live and enjoy – and Prosper – economy is becoming an even more critical element, the political mandate…

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IoT Guidelines

NYC Guidelines for IoT Logo

BETTER. FASTER. MORE EQUITABLE. New York City is committed to being the most tech-friendly, innovative, and equitable big city in the world. View the guidelines Source: IoT Guidelines

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Accessible Smart Cities Initiative


Accessible Smart Cities Initiative By Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos on 6 February 2017. Posted in Intelligent Cities / Smart CitiesG3ict – the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies – and World Enabled teamed up to create the Defining Accessible Smart Cities Initiative.Sponsored by Microsoft, the initiative’s goal is to increase awareness of the role that accessible technology must play in…

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AT&T Studies & White Papers Archives -Smart Cities for All


 Smart Cities for All: A Vision for an Inclusive, Accessible Urban Future The purpose of this paper is to highlight the potential for smart city technology to enable benefits for people who are aging and people who are living with disabilities, and to indicate suggested practices for building more inclusive smart cities. …

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The New Urban Agenda Key Smart City Commitments


It’s official: world leaders have adopted the New Urban Agenda, which sets a new global standard for sustainable urban development and will help us rethink how we plan, manage and live in cities.The New Urban Agenda The New Urban Agenda is a roadmap for building cities that can serve as engines of prosperity and centres of cultural and social well-being…

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Kansas City’s Smart City provides a glimpse of a people-centric future

Kansas-City-Smart-City with a stylized B & W Illustration of an railcar

In December of 2015 the U.S Department of Transportation issued the Smart City Challenge to any mid size city in America. The challenge was for cities to “use data, applications, and technology to help people and goods move more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently”. 78 cities from across the country stepped up and presented their existing challenges and proposed solutions to becoming a Smart…

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Smart City Design Principles | The Urban Technologist

Tina Saaby, Copenhagen’s City Architect, addressing the Academy of Urbanism Congress in Bradford

  I was recently asked by a city that I work closely with to contribute suggestions for how their next planning strategy could reflect the impact of the technology agenda. Drawing on experiences and conversations with cities, Universities, government bodies and professional organisations over the last year, including the “Digital Urbanism” workshop help at the Academy of Urbanism Congress 2013 in…

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