Screenshot-2018-5-10 When kids put on their urban planner hats – cities are better for everyone

Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, and they are expected to add another” “2.5 billion new residents by 2050. They face increasing environmental pressures and infrastructure needs—and growing demands from residents to deliver a better quality of life and to do so at a sustainable cost. Smart technologies can help cities meet these challenges, and…

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A Techies Guide for Monitoring Urban Accessibility in Smart Cities

Urban Accessibility

Abstract The present work discusses the possibilities offered by the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies with the aim of designing a system to dynamically obtain knowledge of accessibility issues in urban environments. This system is facilitated by technology to analyse the urban user experience and movement accessibility, which enabling accurate identification of urban barriers and monitoring its effectiveness over…

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Smart Cities for the Blind

Screenshot-2017-12-9 Smart Cities for the Blind

Smart Cities for the Blind Posted by Lena Jukna on Nov 16, 2017 categories: Smart City tags: Accessibility, Blind, Inclusivity, smart city, Smart Technology, Urban Mobilty, Visual Impaired Would you be able to find your way across a big city at rush hour if you were visually impaired? 285 million visually impaired people worldwide are facing this challenge every day,…

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Why is Singapore smarter? Hong Kong left trailing after rival ranked 2nd in global smart cities index

Why is Singapore smarter? Hong Kong left trailing after rival ranked 2nd in global smart cities index, Business Insider – Business Insider Singapore

Despite HK$1 billion in government cash to improve smart technology, Hong Kong scores lower than several other Asian cities including Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka and Taipei

Hong Kong has been ranked 68th in a global smart city index – way behind its main rival Singapore, which came in second.

Despite recent efforts by the government to make the city smarter, Hong Kong scored poorly in several factors including transport and mobility, sustainability, innovative economy, digitisation, and experts’ perception….

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European Union: SMARTCities 2018

SMART Cities 2018 – LCR4.0

When: Thursday 1st February 2018 Where: Stamford Bridge, London  Across the UK we are seeing more and more examples of smart city transformation. Key ‘smart’ sectors utilised by such Cities include transport, energy, health care, water and waste. Against the current background of economic, social, security and technological changes caused by the globalization and the integration process, cities in the…

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