Who are smart cities going to help the most? | A #SmartCity Citizen Co-Creation Project


There’s no one way to build a smart city. Cities are different and the wants and needs of their citizens, while similar in many ways, are different in others. As many cities have found out, it’s not always easy to get citizens involved with planning and engaged in the process or who actually benefits (or does not benefit) from the…

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Smart Cities Council | Yes, we DO need to provide mobility for everyone


When we say inclusive mobility, it sounds fairly straightforward: access to affordable transportation for everyone. Providing equitable mobility for everyone might not be easy, but it’s essential if we’re all to have the opportunities to improve our quality of life. Read our story from Smart Cities Week to learn more. Source: Smart Cities Council | Yes, we DO need to…

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Smart Cities Week 2017: How to Bridge the Digital Divide…


Think about where the Wi-Fi hotspots are in your town: the public library, the school, coffee shops downtown. But as connectivity becomes faster, smarter and more attainable in many areas, in other, less affluent parts of the city and country, it’s still out of reach in many ways.“Digitization is also producing digital divides,” said Bas Boorsma, digitization lead for North…

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Smart Cities Week 2017: How 4 IT Leaders Made Effective Smart City Infrastructure Possible | StateTech Magazine


Engaging community and key stakeholders to ensure useful technology investment and solid ROI are key to making smart city projects a success. Source: Smart Cities Week 2017: How 4 IT Leaders Made Effective Smart City Infrastructure Possible | StateTech Magazine

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Smart Cities Council’s Spotlight Cities

scclogo (1)

Readiness Challenge: How Indianapolis uses data to change lives What comes first: the technology or the people? We were in Indianapolis this week for our third Readiness Challenge Grant Workshop — and the answer there is clearly the public.Indianapolis was one of five cities to win our first series of grants and… Article – 07/20/2017 Active Region(s): North America Category: SCC Spotlight Cities…

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Nightmare scenario: smart cities that are actually dumb


There is no rulebook for how to turn a city of today into a city of tomorrow. Only a few scarcely adopted guidance documents for the Internet of Things (IoT) have been created in recent years — most of them in Europe — with the idea of creating governance around a concept that has so far been a playground for technologists whose primary…

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Smart City 2.0: Shifting the Focus from Infrastructure to People


Thus far, the smart city movement has been focused on core infrastructure like broadband and sensors, but this week, the conversation began to shift to an even more important element — people. Source: Smart City 2.0: Shifting the Focus from Infrastructure to People

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Smart Cities Council extends 2018 challenge grant to states, Mexico and Canada

Smart Cities Council extends 2018 challenge grant to states Mexico and Canada

The Smart Cities Council is extending its grant program for 2018 in several ways, the group announced Thursday.After announcing five winning cities — Austin, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia — as winners of the first iteration of the Readiness Challenge Grant in February, SSC has announced it is extending the program to states and other non-city governments like regional transportation authorities, and also branching…

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Smart Cities Week 2017

Smart Cities Council Smart Cities Week

Smart Cities Week returns to Washington, D.C. Oct. 3-5 with focus on smart infrastructure WASHINGTON, D.C. – Smart infrastructure is the theme for Smart Cities Week 2017, which returns to the nation’s capital for the third straight year Oct. 3-5. North America’s premiere smart cities conference and exhibition will bring together visionary leaders and thinkers from all levels of government to…

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Smart Cities Council | Digital skills are creating new opportunities for people with disabilities

Snapshot of a woman assiting another womaon on an accessible workstation

Inclusion Summit Yoo, who is Senior VP for Corporate Affairs at Cisco, says over the years Cisco’s Networking Academy has benefited over 3,000 students with disabilities and the company has made a commitment to more than triple that number in the next five years. “We believe that helping people with disabilities develop technical skills is a win-win,” writes Woo. “It…

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Smart Cities Council India | Can’t find parking space? Smart parking system helps you find one


Can’t find parking space? Smart parking system helps you find one. Finding a parking place in a crowded city like Bengaluru is a horrendous task for city travelers. For this, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has come out with a solution that will not only solve the parking issues, but also help citizens to book parking spot well in…

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The role of technology in building the sharing city, one open platform at a time


The role of technology in building the sharing city, one open platform at a time… People-centric smart cities seem to be the focus of much industry dialogue now, as it should be. Ensuring that investments in creating technology solutions to improve liveability, workability, and sustainability outcomes is critical. Those companies that don’t do that won’t survive. Source: Smart Cities Council…

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Smart Cities Council | Survey spotlights families often left behind as technology advances


  The quality of families’ Internet connections, and the kinds and capabilities of devices they can access, have considerable consequences for parents and children alike,” the report states. “When Internet access is intermittent — either because families have trouble paying monthly service charges or are using the Internet only in community locations — they face constraints on what they can…

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Smart Cities Council | Compassionate Cities


Compassionate Cities Initiative Compassionate Cities is a Smart Cities Council initiative to raise awareness about ways communities can reduce suffering and improve the lives of vulnerable populations through the use of digital technologies already being applied to solve other city challenges. Click here to learn more about the initiative – and scroll down for articles highlighting how technology is helping…

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Digital inclusion remains elusive for many


It’s difficult to understand how, in 2017, the digital divide still exists. And it doesn’t just exist in developing countries – one report suggests 14% of people in Europe have never used the Internet. And 2015 U.S. Census data found about one-fifth of Americans don’t have Internet access at home. The good news is that we’re regularly seeing new initiatives…

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