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Thoughtful Leadership Is the First Step Toward Equitable Smart Cities – StateTech

Thoughtful Leadership Is the First Step Toward Equitable Smart Cities – StateTech

Thoughtful Leadership Is the First Step Toward Equitable Smart Cities Smart city solutions could be contributing to the digital divide. Local and conscious solutions can bring equity back in focus. Brooks Rainwater is the senior executive and director of the National League of Cities’ (NLC) Center for City Solutions. Rainwater drives the organization’s research agenda, community engagement efforts, and leadership…

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Screenshot-2018-3-6 With the growth of smart cities, how do we build smart citizens to match – Calvium

With the growth of smart cities, how do we build smart citizens to match? Date Published: 1st March, 2018 When you work in a certain sector, there’s a tendency to assume everyone thinks like you; has the same knowledge. If you work in social media, you might presume everyone’s on Twitter, if you’re a footballer, you might expect everyone to…

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As The World Goes Digital, Is There A Hack For Inequality?

As the World Goes Digital, is There a Hack for Inequality? – Khmer Times

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In the fashionable Poblenou district of Barcelona, hipsters and entrepreneurs rub shoulders with homeless people and immigrants, as the city authorities try to reduce digital inequality. The futuristic Media-TIC building is one of several venues around the city where disadvantaged people can sign up for free courses to improve their online literacy skills under a…

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Austin Free-Net and the Digital Divide @austinfreenet


What is the Digital Divide, and why should I care?  It’s hard to imagine that in a city like Austin there is still a large segment of the city that has no idea how to use a computer; however, even in this high tech mecca, the digital divide exists. The digital divide is a term that describes the disparity between…

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Will Smart Cities and IoT Divide Us or Bring Us Together?

Screenshot-2018-1-18 Will the internet be a tool to divide us or bring us together

Government is transforming applications, contracts, and payment portals to all be housed online. This is incredible, but only if you have all three legs of the stool — the internet in your home, a computer beyond a smart phone, and the digital literacy training to help you use these tools to access the resources needed. As Pittsburgh develops as a technology city…

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San Antonio Launches Smart City Committee On Digital Inclusion and Innovation

What ‘Smart City’ Means: San Antonio Launches Committee On Innovation, Technology | Texas Public Radio

San Antonio officials announced Tuesday night it had formed a new standing committee to address technology and innovation. break According to Mayor Ron Nirenberg, the innovation and technology committee will take on smart city goals, strategy for growing the cyber security industry, digital inclusion initiatives, open data and expanding municipal broadband access all under one roof. “We’ve been working in…

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Innovation, Inclusion and the Smart City Workforce of the Future

Screenshot-2018-1-13 Innovation, Inclusion and the Workforce of the Future

Showcasing for the first time late last month, the Smart Regions Conference brought together a diverse group of leaders to discuss opportunities in Smart Cities.  Rhonda Binda (Venture Smarter), Bjorn Simmons (Wyzerr), Michael Beck (Code for Kids), Austin Lee (Northern Kentucky University), Jason Miller (Centric Consulting), and Seema Shah (LaGuardia Community College) collaborate on Innovation, Inclusion and the Workforce of…

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Pittsburgh Roadmap to #Inclusive Smart City Innovation

Screenshot-2018-1-6 Improving Digital Equity in the City of Pittsburgh – Metro21 Smart Cities Initiative – Carnegie Mellon […]

This project was completed in Pittsburgh, the city of bridges. Residents of the city may cross multiple bridges on a daily basis. Yet, they rarely think about the bridge as they cross it or ponder how different their lives would be without it nor do they analyze what went into building that bridge. Even so, bridges are extremely important. They…

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Net Neutrality Accessibility and the Disability Community

The Center for Media JusticeNet Neutrality, Accessibility, and the Disability Community – The Center for Media Justice

Net Neutrality, Accessibility, and the Disability Community Let’s face it, social media can be a troll-infested, fetid dumpster fire polluting our timelines. There are days when I don’t want to be online. As I try to practice self-care, I invariably return to the Internet because it is my second home, my playground, my workshop. Net neutrality is important to me…

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Despite its promise technology often fails to help disabled users

Despite its promise, modern technology often fails to help disabled users – TechRepublic

Advances in speech recognition, wearable technology, and mobile apps have offered welcome improvements for many people who are disabled. Yet while new technology is often praised for aiding communication for those who are blind and deaf, innovations can sometimes have unintended effects, hindering communication and access to information for those with disabilities.

In a talk at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard titled Disability, Technology, and Inclusion, Elizabeth Ellcessor, assistant professor in the Media School at Indiana University, Bloomington, and Meryl Alper, faculty associate with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, discussed some of the hidden downsides of tech for the disabled.

Ellcessor began by questioning what is meant by “accessibility…”

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Infrastructure Advancement of the Year | @LinkNYC

Infrastructure Advancement of the Year: LinkNYC | Smart Cities Dive

The “digital divide” — economic or social inequality in regards to technology — is a stubborn challenge in today’s smartest cities. Offering all citizens affordable access to broadband and other common connective infrastructure is not a simple feat, and will often create hostility between governments and their constituents.

CityBridge, a group of tech and connectivity companies including Intersection, Qualcomm and CIVIQ Smartscapes, is working to bridge this digital divide in the nation’s largest city with an advanced, scalable and aesthetically appealing Wi-Fi kiosk network: LinkNYC.

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Smart City Initiatives in Africa: Policy for INCLUSION

a sinngle view of an african urban street with cars and people_Screenshot-2017-11-7 Smart city initiatives in Africa

This year’s theme for World Cities Day, “Innovative Governance, Open Cities,” emphasizes the implementation of the global New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through the creation of livable, sustainable cities conducive to inclusive growth and development. Smart cities in particular can be key tools toward achieving these global goals. The International Telecommunication Union defines a smart…

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Criticism of India’s #SmartCities Mission is mounting | @Citiscope

Screenshot-2017-11-1 Criticism of India’s Smart Cities Mission is mounting

DELHI — The development of “smart” cities was one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first initiatives upon taking office in 2014. Launched the next year, the stated focus of the Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission is “on sustainable and inclusive development, and the idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a lighthouse…

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Why Does Mainstream Indian Smart City Discourse Leave Out Disability and Digital Inclusion?

Screenshot-2017-11-1 Why Does Mainstream Indian Discourse On Digital Inclusion Leave Out Disability

India’s crusade for digitisation and digital inclusion has failed millions of Indians with disabilities. Will the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act change that? There is a need to ensure equality in the digital realm. Credit: Reuters One of the strongest mandates of the newly enacted Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 is on the issue of accessibility. The public…

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NYC launches #smartcity youth education program under innovation lab @NYC_CTO

Screenshot-2017-10-29 NYC launches smart city youth education program under innovation lab

New York City’s first Neighborhood Innovation Lab is coordinating new smart city efforts, organizers announced Friday. The city announced that the lab — based in the neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn, since March — will start a tech education program to teach digital skills to youths, while also installing smart trash cans for efficient pickups and solar powered smart benches to charge devices, detect foot traffic and…

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Auditors say city’s website needs improvement @Austin Monitor @mayoradler

Screenshot-2017-10-27 Auditors say city’s website needs improvement – Austin Monitor-a woman looking at art on a wall with text-Imagine Austin 5 year report

Auditors say city’s website needs improvement. The Office of the City Auditor has found that although the city’s website,, offers residents numerous online services, the website does not meet accessibility guidelines, so it is difficult for people with certain disabilities to find and use those services The audit findings were released and accepted at Wednesday’s City Council Audit and…

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Are #smartcities failing the disabled and elderly? | @jamesthu @victorpineda #smartcities4all

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Are smart cities failing the disabled and elderly – Dr Victor Pineda, President of World Enabled, and James Thurston, G3ict’s Vice President for Global Strategy and Develop

During Smart Cities NYC 2017, a new toolkit, Smart cities for all, was released to help cities reduce the digital divide and make them accessible for all. Jonathan Andrews spoke to Dr Victor Pineda, President of World Enabled, and Co-Chair, Persons with Disabilities, on the General Assembly of Partners, the civil society body designed to help governments implement Habitat III.…

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Meaningful digital inclusion means more than #smartcity connectivity..

47251454 – abstract geometric technology design element. template design Smart is disrupting our world for the better – as ITU Telecom World 2017 recognises in its annual debate, networking and exhibition event, focusing this year on “Smart digital transformation.” But a smart society is dependent upon ICT infrastructure and networks like never before. And in a world where some 3.9 billion citizens remain offline, there is a very…

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Goodwill® and Launch Digital Career Accelerator(SM)


ROCKVILLE, Md., Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — and Goodwill, the United States’ leading workforce development nonprofit, have announced the launch of the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator. Funded by a $10 million grant from and with the assistance of 1,000 Google volunteers, the new Goodwill initiative will enable more than one million people — including people with disabilities and…

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#SmartCity Street Lights Lay the Groundwork for Future IoT Deployments

Modern deserted Highway at Night

Connected lighting enhances public safety and saves millions in energy costs, but for many cities these advantages are just the beginning. Source: Smart Street Lights Lay the Groundwork for Future IoT Deployments | StateTech Magazine

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