The Power of Disability Inclusion in the Technology and Entrepreneurial Sector

Diversity And Inclusion Is Good Pass It Down

The Power of Disability Inclusion in the Technology and Entrepreneurial Sector How Technology Startups Can Leverage Disability Inclusion and Become Relevant, Competitive and Gain an Unfair Advantage Image: A cartoon of six identical individuals dressed in business suits and sitting around a table with notepads and pen. At one end of the table, an individual is cupping his hand to…

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The Importance Of Being A Disability Inclusive Brand

Screenshot-2018-2-15 The Importance Of Being A Disability Inclusive Brand

People with disabilities make up 17.9% of the UK population, but are only represented by 0.06% of people featured in adverts, according to Lloyds’ ‘Reflecting Modern Britain?’ inclusion and diversity report. The study examined 1,340 TV and press adverts from 40 brands paid for by the top 20 advertising spenders in 2015. On the other side of the world, Marketing…

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Today’s Smart Cities Design: Where is our collective Right to the City?

Screenshot-2017-12-21 Dr Larissa Suzuki – Smart Cities, IoT, AI, Disruptive Tech

 This article is about the “one voice” smart cities. It is about the cities we live in, the cities of the future and the people who make decisions about them, and the impact that excluding women and diversity from the debate will have in cities and in our world. The Right to the City Starting up my research in smart…

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India Embracing Diversity And Inclusion As A Way Of Life

India Inc Should Embrace Diversity And Inclusion As A Way Of Life-Pradeep Lankapalli – BW Businessworld

In order for businesses and governments to remain relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace, it is necessary to adopt a global mindset. There have been numerous discussions, deliberations and debates that outline the importance of creating a more cross-cultural, inclusive and diverse work force. Most of these discussions have led to the conclusion that diversity and inclusion at workplace reap immense benefits including greater customer satisfaction, better market position, an enhanced ability to reach strategic goals and a stronger bottom line. I couldn’t agree more.

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Creating a Company Culture that Promotes Accessibility

Creating a Company Culture that Promotes Accessibility

At eBay, we take digital accessibility very seriously. We strive to create a company culture that promotes it and focuses on action.

In my last guest post, I discussed what digital accessibility actually means to your brand. Digital accessibility is a way to improve your bottom line and avoid litigation, but more importantly it is a way for a brand to become an even better version of itse

Now I want to provide some actionable steps that can be taken within your company to promote accessible designs and help establish digital accessibility as a priority….

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An Open Letter to Nadia Kalinchuk | Program Manager for the Austin’s Office of Equity

Screenshot-2017-11-3 Inheriting inequality Austin’s segregation and gentrification

Congratulations Nadia, Welcome back to Texas! The City of Austin and all of its residents are fortunate to have you join Austin’s Office of Equity. Like many other fast-growing urban centers, Austin has reached a historic tipping point precipitated and fueled by a legacy of discrimination and thrust over the edge by Austin’s rapid urbanization. To resolve systemic obstacles that have for…

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Uber India launches wheelchair-accessible vehicles- @uberASSIST

Screenshot-2017-10-31 Uber India launches wheelchair-accessible vehicles – uberACCESS and uberASSIST

Uber India announced the launch of two new products – uberACCESS and uberASSIST supported by Mphasis, a leading cloud and cognitive services provider…. Read Full Story | Source: Uber India launches wheelchair-accessible vehicles- uberACCESS and uberASSIST

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DIVERSEability | A #Diversity & #Inclusion Disability Magazine #a11y

Screenshot-2017-10-20 –

A diversity and inclusion magazine targeting and celebrating all individuals with all types of diverse abilities. Source: DIVERSEability | A Diversity & Inclusion Disability Magazine

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AT&T Studies & White Papers Archives-Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion Reports When you read through this Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report, it is clear why AT&T is consistently listed as a top company for diversity. Our incredible accomplishments show just how much our employees live and breathe our commitment to a … licy Forum

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