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Toronto Conference Live Streaming: How To Make Cities Both Smart And Inclusive

Urban experts come to U of T for conference on how to make cities both smart and inclusive

Cities around the world are looking for smart solutions to urban problems and are embracing technology to help them do so. At the same time, the gap between rich and poor in urban centres is growing – driving low income residents farther away from city centres. An upcoming conference held at the University of Toronto’s downtown campus is exploring how…

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How Columbus is Accomplishing its Smart City Vision

Screenshot-2018-4-1 How Columbus is Accomplishing its Smart City Vision Data-Smart City Solutions

At the end of 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) launched a Smart City Challenge in which U.S. cities could submit proposals for funding to develop smart transportation systems that leveraged data and technology to improve urban mobility. In August 2016, nearly 80 applications and seven finalists later, the City of Columbus, OH secured a $40 million grant from…

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Inside Google’s Plan To Build A Smart City Neighborhood In Toronto

Screenshot-2018-3-16 Inside Google’s plan to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto

article-context-nav context-nav article article-hero-lede article-hero article-contents post-contents On the Sidewalk Labs website is a 200-page document explaining its vision for a smart neighborhood in Toronto. It’s packed with illustrations that show a warm, idyllic community full of grassy parks, modular buildings and underground tunnels with delivery robots and internet cabling inside. The text describes “a truly complete community” that’s free…

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Citizen Engagement: Join or Watch Sidewalk Toronto Smart City Public Roundtable

Screenshot-2018-3-16 Join or watch our first Sidewalk Toronto public roundtable Plus, the end of main street

The only way to make the neighborhood of the future a more sustainable, livable, and equitable place is by hearing from Torontonians of all backgrounds and perspectives. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited that more than 1,000 people have said they’ll attend the first Sidewalk Toronto public roundtable next Tuesday, March 20. To help us hear from everyone, we’ve…

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Smart City London and Partners: Mayor Calls for Closer Ties With San Francisco

Screenshot-2018-3-16 Inside London’s brilliant plan to update its smart city technology

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for closer collaboration between the cities of London and San Francisco, highlighting the importance of stronger relationships based on shared values of openness and inclusivity, and the need for cities to work together to promote greater gender diversity Speaking at the SXSW tech conference earlier this week, the Mayor talked about the growing…

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Mayor Asks Londoners to Inform Smart City Planning

Screenshot-2018-1-25 Mayor asks Londoners to inform capital’s smart city ambitions » Digital By Default News

Londoners will have the opportunity to inform how smart technology could shape the future of life in the capital by giving their views and ideas to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Last year, Sadiq declared his ambition for London to be the world’s leading smart city – the Smart London Plan, which is being developed under the leadership of…

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Smart City Seattle Digital Equity Initiative

Screenshot-2018-1-20 Digital Equity Initiative – Tech seattle gov

Smart City Seattle: The Digital Equity Initiative Seattle’s Digital Equity Initiative was launched in response to the City’s quadrennial Technology Indicators Report, released in May 2014. The Report found significant disparities in internet access and digital literacy skills for those of lower education, low-incomes, seniors, disabled, minorities, and immigrants. The Initiative is one part of the Mayor’s broadband strategy to…

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Will Smart Cities and IoT Divide Us or Bring Us Together?

Screenshot-2018-1-18 Will the internet be a tool to divide us or bring us together

Government is transforming applications, contracts, and payment portals to all be housed online. This is incredible, but only if you have all three legs of the stool — the internet in your home, a computer beyond a smart phone, and the digital literacy training to help you use these tools to access the resources needed. As Pittsburgh develops as a technology city…

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Smart City Inclusive Innovation

smart city pittsburgh inclusive innovation meeting

Inclusive Innovation Meetup at City Theatre In 2017, 136 organizations hosted 79 free events across 20 neighborhoods in 8 days centered on 1 theme, Inclusive innovation. Inclusive Innovation Week is a platform for the City to support and promote organizations and businesses working towards equity in a transforming Pittsburgh. During the week, important conversations about equity and innovation are brought forward…

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Smart City Digital Inclusion and Digital Equity | National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Smart City Digital Inclusion and Digital Equity | National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Digital Inclusion Digital Inclusion refers to the activities necessary to ensure that all individuals and communities, including the most disadvantaged, have access to and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This includes 5 elements: 1) affordable, robust broadband internet service; 2) internet-enabled devices that meet the needs of the user; 3) access to digital literacy training; 4) quality technical…

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Smart City Pittsburgh – Expanding Opportunity For All

Screenshot-2018-1-15 SmartPGH Home

slider container SmartPGH was conceived to reconnect displaced communities to jobs, education and essential services. Through the USDOT Smart City Challenge grant and others like it, we’ll use technology to develop the kind of safe, reliable transit all Pittsburghers deserve. We’re on the cusp of a new revolution in transportation and information technology that has the potential to change the…

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Pittsburgh’s Smart City Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation

Smart City Pittsburgh Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation

The Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation is a living strategic plan developed from the vision of Mayor William Peduto for the City of Pittsburgh to be a city of equity, access and opportunity through cross-sector partnerships and collaboration. The Roadmap sets out to connect, encourage and measure inclusive innovation in the City of Pittsburgh through internal innovation and partnerships with organizations,…

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Smart City Inclusive Innovation: If It’s Not For All It’s Not For Us!

Screenshot-2018-1-15 SmartPGH Vision

Inclusive innovation is an action. We believe in a Pittsburgh where if it’s not for all it’s not for us! It is providing equal access to products and services through the infusion of new ideas, people, and technology to meet complex challenges. From the arts to community development, to computer science; inclusive innovation is possible in everything. We know there is…

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Smart City People-Centric Urban Planning

Screenshot-2018-1-3 Smart City People-Centric Urban Planning Sidewalklabs Smart Cities Library™

Sidewalk Toronto is a joint effort by Waterfront Toronto and Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs to create a new kind of mixed-use, complete community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront, beginning with the creation of Quayside. Sidewalk Toronto will combine forward-thinking urban design and new digital technology to create people-centered neighborhoods that achieve precedent-setting levels of sustainability, affordability, mobility, and economic opportunity. Transcript ________________…

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Humans Not Technology Key in Smart City Toronto

City of the Future? Humans, Not Technology, Are the Challenge in Toronto – The New York Times

close story-meta TORONTO — For a city striving to become a major technology center, it was a prize catch: A Google corporate sibling would spend the coming year planning a futuristic metropolis in a derelict part of Toronto’s waterfront. When announcing this fall that the company, Sidewalk Labs, would create a city of tomorrow, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada…

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Smart City Questions We’d Like @SidewalkLabs to Answer

Smart City Questions We’d Like @SidewalkLabs to Answer

There is a lot of interest in the project, both locally and globally, and many questions about how it will unfold. As a lead-up tool for the November 1 public meeting, Torontoist and friends have organized a starting draft list of questions and concerns, collected from a range of contributors and viewpoints. There are undoubtedly perspectives and questions missing here,…

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Sidewalk Toronto – Home

accessible 3-d rendering

The Eastern Waterfront will be a new type of place that combines the best in urban design with the latest in digital technology to address some of the biggest challenges facing cities, including energy use, housing affordability, and transportation. It will be a place that embraces adaptable buildings and new construction methods to make housing and retail space more affordable.…

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Smart City Brussels

Brussels Smart City

The smart city vision for the Brussels-Capital Region Becoming a smart city: the Brussels-Capital Region is increasingly presenting new ideas and projects to achieve this. The primary goal is to improve the quality of life of everyone – citizens, visitors, commuters and businesses… What is a smart city? The smart city brings together the needs of its inhabitants, the challenges…

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Smart City – Amsterdam

Screenshot-2017-12-20 Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is a unique partnership between companies, governments, knowledge institutions and the people of Amsterdam. It is a frontrunner in the development of Amsterdam as a Smart City. A Smart City is a city where social and technological infrastructures and solutions facilitate and accelerate sustainable economic growth. This improves the quality of life in the city for…

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Smart City – Berlin

Smart City Berlin

Berlin is Smart! Berlin is not only one of the most attractive business hubs in Germany; it is also a laboratory for efficient infrastructure, informational networking, sustainable mobility, creativity and combining high productivity with high quality of life.   Smart City is the integrated approach to all the future topics with which we, as a city, will be dealing with…

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