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Using Apps and Data to Help the Disabled Navigate Cities

Screenshot_2018-07-11 Access all areas Using data to help the disabled navigate cities

Technology can help people with disabilities get around cities – but it must provide reliable information tailored for varying needs BARCELONA – Entrepreneur Josep Esteba became so frustrated trying to get around his native Spain in a wheelchair for more than 20 years that he embarked on a mission to map cities for disabled people all over the world. “Many…

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Smart City Tech Guides Blind Transit Riders Right to the Bus Door

Smart City Tech Guides Blind Transit Riders Right to the Bus Door

Bluetooth technology, crowdsourcing, and connected devices are making mobility easier for blind, visually impaired or disabled transit riders. In Boston, transit officials, through a partnership with Perkins School for the Blind, have been contributing data to the app BlindWays, which combines GPS data with special clues to get users to the exact location of a bus stop. The clues are…

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City of Boston and Aira Partner to Offer Assistive Technology to the Blind/Low Vision

Screenshot-2018-4-6 City of Boston and Aira Partner to Offer Assistive Technology to the Blind Low Vision Smart Cities Libr[…]

City of Boston, Aira partner to offer assistive technology for residents and visitors with blindness or low-vision for One Boston Day and Boston Marathon. Do not add additional content to the following right column. Secondary content should be included in a new right column below the left (main) columAira’s app will be available for free use during the Boston Marathon…

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Google Maps Unveils Wheelchair Accessible Transit Routes

Screenshot-2018-3-19 Google Maps Unveils Wheelchair Accessible Transit Routes

Google Maps is filling in an important detail for its transit navigation by giving users the option to check a box that will highlight wheelchair accessible stations. The addition of wheelchair accessibility is meant to round out other location and direction features on a global basis. “This feature is rolling out in major metropolitan transit centers … Continue reading Google Maps…

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New Smart City App Calls Out Landmarks Helping People Who Are Blind Get Where They Need To Go

A New App Calls Out Landmarks To Help People Who Are Blind Get Where They Need To Go

Advancements in technology can play a deep and meaningful role in the independent mobility of people who are blind or have low vision. That is why we created Soundscape, a free app available today on iOS and iPhone in the UK. Soundscape empowers more people to explore the world around them through a 3D audio experience. The app enriches your…

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An App for Accessibility Is Changing the Conversation About Disability

A Yelp for Accessibility: The app that’s trying to change the conversation about disability

When Maayan Ziv and her classmates wrapped up the first week of graduate school classes in Toronto, they wanted to celebrate. One of Ziv’s classmates suggested they all go to a bar in the area. Most of the group didn’t think twice. But because Ziv is in a wheelchair, she always needs to know if the place she’s going is…

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Bluetooth iBeacons Making Smart Cities More Accessible

Using Bluetooth iBeacons for making cities more accessible – Safe & Smart City

Bluetooth Beacons are small devices that send Bluetooth signals to nearby mobile devices. These can trigger actions on these mobile devices, for example sending a marketing message at the right time and place. They are especially helpful for helping the visually impaired navigate indoors where GPS can’t reach phones. A number of projects use beacons in this capacity in a variety of sectors.

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Smart City Benchmarking App – TM Forum


SMART CITY APP An App made for Smart City Leaders If you run a smart city project, this App is for you (iOS app and Android app). With various local stakeholders, benchmark progress in your city against best practices and develop a shared vision for the next couple of years. The smart city leader invites a handful of local experts to input…

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