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The Digital Services Smart City Playbook — from the U.S. Digital Service

Screenshot-2017-12-14 Boston A Really Smart City

The American people expect to interact with government through digital channels such as websites, email, and mobile applications. By building digital services that meet their needs, we can make the delivery of our policy and programs more effective.

Today, too many of our digital services projects do not work well, are delivered late, or are over budget. To increase the success rate of these projects, the U.S. Government needs a new approach. We created a playbook of 13 key “plays” drawn from successful practices from the private sector and government that, if followed together, will help government build effective digital services….

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Avoiding Web Accessibility Issues | SYS-CON MEDIA


PROVIDENCE, RI–(Marketwired – November 03, 2017) – As a major landmark in the fight for universal website accessibility, 2018 will usher in new legal regulations to be upheld by any business or organization with an online presence. Since the Department of Justice (DOJ) proposed in 2010 that websites should be considered as “places of public accommodation” as defined under the…

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NYC launches #smartcity youth education program under innovation lab @NYC_CTO

Screenshot-2017-10-29 NYC launches smart city youth education program under innovation lab

New York City’s first Neighborhood Innovation Lab is coordinating new smart city efforts, organizers announced Friday. The city announced that the lab — based in the neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn, since March — will start a tech education program to teach digital skills to youths, while also installing smart trash cans for efficient pickups and solar powered smart benches to charge devices, detect foot traffic and…

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Digital Accessibility Digest Archive | @Microassist @hiramk

Screenshot-2017-10-27 MICROASSIST LOGO -Digital Accessibility Digest Archive – Microassist

Digital Accessibility Digest Stay on top of developments in website, elearning, and application accessibility. The Digital Accessibility Digest brings curated, Microassist original, and guest-provided news and information of interest to web, content, and application developers, as well as IT departments and legal counsel. Content focuses on the importance of implementing WCAG 2.0- and Section 508-specified accessibility practices that make digital…

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Are #smartcities failing the disabled and elderly? | @jamesthu @victorpineda #smartcities4all

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Are smart cities failing the disabled and elderly – Dr Victor Pineda, President of World Enabled, and James Thurston, G3ict’s Vice President for Global Strategy and Develop

During Smart Cities NYC 2017, a new toolkit, Smart cities for all, was released to help cities reduce the digital divide and make them accessible for all. Jonathan Andrews spoke to Dr Victor Pineda, President of World Enabled, and Co-Chair, Persons with Disabilities, on the General Assembly of Partners, the civil society body designed to help governments implement Habitat III.…

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#SmartCity Disability Infrastructure – Technology to accommodate all!

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Disability Infrastructure – Technology is being utilized to create spaces to accommodate all

Technology is being utilized to create spaces to accommodate all Implications – In the past, improving accessibility in spaces for those with disabilities focused on small changes to individual locations. Technology is enabling a shift toward more wide-spanning accommodation within large spaces. Leveraging geo-location, touchless monitoring, and 3D printing for these purposes speaks to a new era of AI that…

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OpenAIR powered by @Knowbility | #OpenAIR2018 @sharrush


OpenAIR is a global web accessibility challenge that pairs teams of web developers with registered non-profits looking to create or improve their websites. 20th Annual OpenAIR is underway!  February 8, 2018 – May 15, 2018 Welcome to OpenAIR – the web accessibility challenge! Organized by Austin based nonprofit organization Knowbility, OpenAIR is a global web accessibility challenge that pairs participating teams of web developers and…

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