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Smart Cities for All – New Inclusive Innovation Playbook

Screenshot_2019-05-08 Smart Cities for All – I2-Playbook-XT pdf

Cities around the world are undergoing a dramatic digital transformation. They are using technology products and smart solutions in creative ways: to allow people to report issues like potholes and broken traffic lights; to create direct and personalized communication channels with residents; to facilitate digital or contactless payments for city services. But according to global studies by Smart Cities for…

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Smart Transport Hub Matilda Can Increase Public Transportation For Disabled

Screenshot_2019-04-10 Smart transport hub Matilda can increase public transportation adoption

“The concept of a smart bus stop would address this and also help in inviting the community to start using public transport. We can use this technology to enable our disabled and elderly community, invite and give them the means to engage with autonomous vehicles in a more friendly and more accepting manner,” said Palmer. “Matilda is designed for people with a hearing handicap, visual impediment, or cognitive impairment. They can now be better facilitated to use public transportation independently.”

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The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Civil Society Forum


@DLBLLC and @SmartCitiesL are attending the Civil Society CRPD Forum at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York City today via live-stream: #CRPD11 #CFCRPD @USICD — Darren Bates (@DLBLLC) June 11, 2018   Civil Society CRPD Forum – Ahead of the 11th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with…

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The Power of Disability Inclusion in the Technology and Entrepreneurial Sector

Diversity And Inclusion Is Good Pass It Down

The Power of Disability Inclusion in the Technology and Entrepreneurial Sector How Technology Startups Can Leverage Disability Inclusion and Become Relevant, Competitive and Gain an Unfair Advantage Image: A cartoon of six identical individuals dressed in business suits and sitting around a table with notepads and pen. At one end of the table, an individual is cupping his hand to…

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The Secret Sauce of Successful and Inclusive Smart Cities

“A city isn’t smart because it uses technology. A city is smart because it uses accessible technology to build an inclusive culture ensuring ​no one is ​left behind.”  Darren Bates   This post focuses on the “secret sauce” that turns the idea of a smart city into reality. Question: What’s the secret sauce? Answer: People, the people who live in the…

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