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Smart City Inclusive Innovation: If It’s Not For All It’s Not For Us!

Screenshot-2018-1-15 SmartPGH Vision

Inclusive innovation is an action. We believe in a Pittsburgh where if it’s not for all it’s not for us! It is providing equal access to products and services through the infusion of new ideas, people, and technology to meet complex challenges. From the arts to community development, to computer science; inclusive innovation is possible in everything. We know there is…

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Pittsburgh Roadmap to #Inclusive Smart City Innovation

Screenshot-2018-1-6 Improving Digital Equity in the City of Pittsburgh – Metro21 Smart Cities Initiative – Carnegie Mellon […]

This project was completed in Pittsburgh, the city of bridges. Residents of the city may cross multiple bridges on a daily basis. Yet, they rarely think about the bridge as they cross it or ponder how different their lives would be without it nor do they analyze what went into building that bridge. Even so, bridges are extremely important. They…

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