#SmartCities and Inclusive Innovation @mynatt @GtScii


Georgia Tech’s initiative on Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation develops innovative approaches to shaping resilient and sustainable communities. Through research and development, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge programming we bring Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary expertise in technology and policy to the development of smart cities and communities. Source: Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation

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40 Brilliant Open Data Projects Preparing #SmartCities for 2018


In our updated list, discover how local governments around the world are preparing smart cities for 2018 using open data! Source: 40 Brilliant Open Data Projects Preparing Smart Cities for 2018 — CARTO Blog

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AT&T Smart Cities Initiatives | ReadWrite


In an announcement timed with this year’s MWC Americas, the city of Atlanta is receiving an Internet of Things (IoT) boost, in the form of a sensor-enabled data network that monitors traffic, parking, and pedestrian movement. AT&T, Current by GE, and Georgia Power have collaborated to fit 200 LED streetlights in the North Ave. Corridor, Buckhead Loop, MLK and Northside Drive,…

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#Smart Cities – ReadWrite

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Our Mission We are building the next generation of tech media companies focused on providing relevant information in a way that favors readers’ productivity instead of page views and time on site. Leveraging this new and efficient type of content, ReadWrite aggregates professional communities dedicated to specific subjects of interest such as connected cars, smart homes, AR/VR, fintech and APIs.…

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Technology Solutions for Inclusive Smart Cities

Screenshot-2017-10-20 Microsoft CityNext Technology solutions for smart cities

Microsoft CityNext is empowering cities to digitally transform and unlock their potential by delivering smart city inclusive innovations Source: Microsoft CityNext: Technology solutions for smart cities

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Who are smart cities going to help the most? | A #SmartCity Citizen Co-Creation Project


There’s no one way to build a smart city. Cities are different and the wants and needs of their citizens, while similar in many ways, are different in others. As many cities have found out, it’s not always easy to get citizens involved with planning and engaged in the process or who actually benefits (or does not benefit) from the…

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DIVERSEability | A #Diversity & #Inclusion Disability Magazine #a11y

Screenshot-2017-10-20 –

A diversity and inclusion magazine targeting and celebrating all individuals with all types of diverse abilities. Source: DIVERSEability | A Diversity & Inclusion Disability Magazine

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Meaningful digital inclusion means more than #smartcity connectivity..

47251454 – abstract geometric technology design element. template design Smart is disrupting our world for the better – as ITU Telecom World 2017 recognises in its annual debate, networking and exhibition event, focusing this year on “Smart digital transformation.” But a smart society is dependent upon ICT infrastructure and networks like never before. And in a world where some 3.9 billion citizens remain offline, there is a very…

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Digital Inclusion #SmartCity Newslog

Screenshot-2017-10-20 Digital Inclusion Newslog(1)

Digital inclusion – ITU Telecommunication Development Sector Source: Digital Inclusion Newslog: Digital inclusion – ITU Telecommunication Development Sector

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3 Insights from the Inclusive #SmartCities Summit

Screenshot-2017-10-20 3 Insights from the Inclusive Smart Cities Summit – WDCEP

With the pressure of urbanization mounting around the world, it is crucial to discuss the future of smart cities and the need for inclusivity in innovation. On September 12th, WDCEP together with the PeaceTech Accelerator brought top leaders from around the world together to tackle challenges regarding the future of transportation, the workplace and workforce. For the Inclusive Smart Cities Summit, leaders…

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Citizens must be part of #smartcity projects | Pune News – Times of India


Citizens to be part of smart city projects Source: Citizens to be part of smart city projects | Pune News – Times of India

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Euro Cities #Smartcities Logic Model Focused on Social Equity and #Inclusion

smart city roadmap euro cities

Urban performance is no longer just dependant on a city’s hard infrastructure – its ‘physical capital’ – but increasingly on the availability and quality of communication and social resources. The concept of a ‘smart city’ is now being used to describe modern urban competitiveness and highlight the growing importance of social and environmental capital in profiling the attractiveness of a…

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Philly begins major efforts to become a #SmartCity with focus on Digital Inclusion


The “Readiness Workshop” was part of the Smart Cities grant and meant to serve as a jumpstart to help the city develop a roadmap to becoming a Smart City. The Office of Technology will also use a $200,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to create the actual roadmap. One thing that will set Philly apart from other cities’ roadmaps is…

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