The Promise and Peril of Smart Cities

The Promise and Peril of “Smart” Cities: Technology can help us govern better, but at what price to urban life? | City Journal

The Promise and Peril of “Smart” Cities Technology can help us govern better, but at what price to urban life? Technology can help us govern better, but at what price to urban life actual article chapter content Last year, American newspapers published more than 800 stories about “smart” cities. Readers could learn how municipal governments are deploying sophisticated technology to…

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There Is No Such Thing as a Smart City

Screenshot-2018-2-14 Stop Saying ‘Smart Cities’

The term “smart city” is interesting yet not important, because nobody defines it. “Smart” is a snazzy political label used by a modern alliance of leftist urbanites and tech industrialists. To deem yourself “smart” is to make the NIMBYites and market-force people look stupid.Smart-city devotees all over this world will agree that London is particularly smart. Why? London is a…

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Today’s Smart Cities Design: Where is our collective Right to the City?

Screenshot-2017-12-21 Dr Larissa Suzuki – Smart Cities, IoT, AI, Disruptive Tech

 This article is about the “one voice” smart cities. It is about the cities we live in, the cities of the future and the people who make decisions about them, and the impact that excluding women and diversity from the debate will have in cities and in our world. The Right to the City Starting up my research in smart…

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21 Features of the Future Sustainable #SmartCity | Smart Cities Dive

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21 Features of the Future Sustainable City We already have many of the ideas and inventions that are needed to make cities truly sustainable, but there is a considerable delay in implementation caused by entrenched thinking and lack of training amongst those in administrative positions. Other ingredients that will arrive from left field are presently in development but will need…

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Euro Cities #Smartcities Logic Model Focused on Social Equity and #Inclusion

smart city roadmap euro cities

Urban performance is no longer just dependant on a city’s hard infrastructure – its ‘physical capital’ – but increasingly on the availability and quality of communication and social resources. The concept of a ‘smart city’ is now being used to describe modern urban competitiveness and highlight the growing importance of social and environmental capital in profiling the attractiveness of a…

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@SmartCityPHL: What makes a city truly a #smartcity?


Blog by Ellen Hwang, Program Manager for Innovation Management, Office of Innovation and Technology What do an economist, a dean, an entrepreneur, and a health practitioner have in common?They believe in Philadelphia being a city that can drive inclusive innovation! On Thursday, October 12, 2017, a panel of Smart City experts talked about the concept of smart cities and how…

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Smart City Live! Focus Day Archives | TM Forum Live


SMART CITY LIVE! FOCUS DAY Exploring the essential building blocks to realize the smart city vision. Around the world, the Smart City concept is taking off as an increasing number of cities are launching Smart City projects. Although cities differ in their approach and prioritization of different areas in their Smart City initiatives, the fundamental building blocks of every Smart…

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Smart Cities Resources: Who, What, When, Where and How?

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Everyone is talking about smart cities. And yet, new public- and private-sector questions are emerging as more organizations engage with this global technology megatrend. So how can you take these opportunities to the next level? Who are the leaders within this hot Internet of Things (IoT) category? Which academic studies and white papers offer best practices and the most helpful…

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