5 lessons learned from a smart city ‘living lab’

Turning a regular city into a smart city is not simple. There are a lot of challenges and issues to be tackled: Identifying the funding sources; defining the strategic plan; knowing the right benefits to the citizen and so on. But with well-defined standards and best practices, a complex path can be simplified into one that is easy to follow.

TM Forum is helping to make smart cities real with the creation of best practices and standards focused on enabling an ecosystem for a citizen-centric smart city.Our continuing smart city Catalyst, Fast Building Environment for Value Generation, starts with a core definition of this process and provides lessons in how to transform and overcome the common challenges.

So far we have worked in Águas de São Pedro, a “living lab” city in Brazil which is currently undergoing a smart city transformation and Porto Alegre, also in Brazil. The next iteration of this project, where we will develop the work in additional smart cities, will be demonstrated at TM Forum Live! in Nice in June 2016.

Here are the top five lessons we have learned so far through this Catalyst…


Source: Smart city transformation: 5 lessons learned from a ‘living lab’ – TM Forum Inform

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