Building the right culture for successful smart cities

Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager, Dublin, agreed. He said that much of a city’s administration and operations are broken into many silos, which has been exacerbated by the big economic crisis of last ten years. He said, “We need strong leadership from the CEO and Mayor to cut across departmental divides.  The people inside them don’t know what’s going on regarding the bigger picture, but they get very excited when you talk to them about the possibilities, and you get champions.”

Kaine Thompson is from the Office of the Chief Executive, Wellington, New Zealand. For him, although both leadership and governance are key factors, he argued, “to quote a traditional New Zealand saying, ‘What is the most important thing in life?’. The answer is, ‘People, people, people’. Any change, if driven by people first, has a much greater chance of success.”


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