Buy IT! Your Guide for Purchasing Accessible Technology

When it comes to fostering an ICT procurement process that prioritizes accessibility and usability, the first step is to set your procurement priorities. This involves committing to an accessibility mindset and gaining executive buy-in for this commitment. Then, you’ll be ready to set standards and plan your procurement strategy.

This section of Buy IT! walks you through the following steps:

Part One: Gain Executive Support for Accessible Procurement

If you don’t already have executive buy-in for your commitment to accessibility and usability, it’s time to make the case to the powers that be—whether they are top leaders in your organization, your chief information officer (CIO), or the head of procurement. By communicating the business case for buying and implementing accessible workplace technology, you can show colleagues how a productive, inclusive workplace starts with accessible ICT procurement.

Part Two: Plan Your Procurement Strategy

Once you secure executive buy-in for an accessible ICT procurement program, your planning can begin. The steps in this section will help you define your needs and standards, select a procurement team, and shape an organizational procurement policy that identifies and addresses accessibility needs during the acquisition planning process.

Source: Buy IT! Your Guide for Purchasing Accessible Technology

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