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London’s Chief Digital Officer Talks The Smart City Transition

Screenshot_2018-08-13 London’s Chief Digital Officer talks the smart city transition

London’s Chief Digital Officer talks the smart city transition © iStock / MarioGuti Government Europa spoke to London’s first Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell, about how the city is pledging to lead the way and create a bundle of small smart cities within London. Cities throughout Europe are in transition; becoming smarter, using technology to make them more sustainable and…

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The Top 10 Smart Cities Around the World

Discover What is So Unique About The Top 10 Smart Cities of World

Highest Ranked Smart Cities of 2018-19   Eden Strategy Institute and OXD (ONG&ONG Experience Design) have come up with the top 50 smart cities of 2018-19. According to Eden Strategy Institute, this is one-of-its-kind independent ranking conducted for the first time that takes into consideration the roles that city governments play in leading a smart city strategy. The research studied…

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Smarter London Together – Smart City Roadmap

Screenshot-2018-6-13 Smarter London Together

The Mayor has launched Smarter London Together – his roadmap to make London ‘the smartest city in the world’. This roadmap is intended to be a flexible digital masterplan for the city. It sets out how we want to collaborate with the capital’s boroughs and services, from TfL to the NHS. We also want to work more effectively with the tech community, our…

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What’s It Like For The Disabled To Navigate a Smart City That Isn’t Really Smart or Accessible?

Screenshot-2018-2-14 ‘I feel like a second-class citizen’ readers on navigating cities with a disability

‘I feel like a second-class citizen’: readers on navigating cities with a disability We asked readers with a disability to share their experiences – good and bad. Their responses show the many ways people can be shut out of their communities.     Only 50 out of 270 tube stations are fully accessible. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian  …

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The UK must lead the way in #accessible #smart cities

The UK must lead the way in accessible smart cities, says CIBES Lift UK’s Gary Sullivan – Smart Cities World

Projections from the United Nations state that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. As our metropolises continue to become smarter through technical innovation, we must make sure that the UK becomes a leader in accessibility, and prioritise the installation of smart lifts.

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London wants to become the World’s smartest City – METACITIES

London wants to become the World’s smartest City – METACITIES

London’s ambitious Plan

The capital of Great Britain is the biggest city in Europe and with more than 200,000 people working in London’s technology sector the city has many resources they can use to make London more sustainable, effective and liveable. To meet current and future challenges the Smart London Plan was created. First published by the government on their official website in December 2013, it was updated in March 2016. Its intention is to show how the creative power of data and technology can be used to make the city of London function better and solve real-world problems. The idea behind the plan is to generate data that supports the city and its transport, social, economic and environmental systems. The Smart London Plan encourages Londoners to actively participate in shaping the cityscape of their capital and hence the future of London. Although the Smart London Plan focuses on London, the ideas presented in this plan can serve as inspiration for cities worldwide and help those cities become smarter as well.

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