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Smart City D.C. Launches Autonomous Vehicles Working Group-Pilot Project

Screenshot-2018-2-19 D C launches autonomous vehicles working group, pilot project

(Getty Images) Washington, D.C. local government has formed a new think tank to prepare for the rise of autonomous vehicles. Mayor Muriel Bowser said Monday that the city organized the “Autonomous Vehicle Working Group” to to plan for the emerging technology. The group is composed of city staff with experience in transportation, the environment, public safety and disability rights and has the…

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Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Smart Cities

Screenshot-2018-2-3 HOME

  Sustainable, inclusive, prosperous, and resilient cities depend on transportation that facilitates the safe, efficient, and pollution-free flow of people and goods, while also providing affordable, healthy, and integrated mobility for all people. The pace of technology-driven innovation from the private sector in shared transportation services, vehicles, and networks is rapid, accelerating, and filled with opportunity. At the same time,…

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15 Mobility Companies Sign Joint Pledge To Promote Livable Smartcities

15 Mobility Companies Sign Joint Pledge To Promote Livable Smartcities

Fifteen of the world’s leading mobility companies today signed the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities, which aim to provide a uniform vision for making cities more livable through aligned mobility priorities. By signing off on the 10 principles, the companies pledge to plan cities and mobility together; prioritize people over vehicles; support the shared and efficient use of vehicles,…

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Persons with disabilities not to be left behind in smart cities  

Persons with disabilities not to be left behind in smart cities  

The answer seems to be a hopeful yes. At least 100 buildings each in 50 cities will be made accessible in a couple of years. These are part of the much hyped, technology intensive and ambitious ‘Smart Cities’ in the country. The Government had decided to turn 100 cities Smart.

The Government has selected these 50 cities under the Accessible India Campaign. Accordingly, the focus will be on auditing and ensuring access to atleast 25-50 of the most important government buildings in these cities fully accessible to these people by the end of 2017. By end of 2018, the target is to cover 50 per cent of all government building of the national capital region and all state capitals within reach….

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REV Group introduces first hybrid wheelchair #accessible vehicle at LA Auto Show

REV Group introduces first hybrid wheelchair-accessible vehicle at LA Auto Show – Accessibility – Metro Magazine

REV Group introduced the world’s first production plug-in gas/electric hybrid wheelchair accessible vehicle at the LA Auto Show. The base vehicle is the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, and the introduction was part of the FCA exhibit highlighting the breadth of its automotive technologies. The introduction also marked the first public show for REV Group’s latest specialty vehicle brand, Revability.

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As Transportation Transforms, Smart Cities Explore Equitable Mobility

As Transportation Transforms, Cities Explore Equitable Mobility

s cities across the U.S. struggle with falling transit ridership, the National League of Cities is urging them to seize the moment by serving more riders, like the poor and “unbanked.”

Many cities are already thinking about how technology can be used to marry traditional and newer forms of multimodal transit, while at the same time ensuring these solutions are equitable across the entire population.

“The good news is that the majority of large cities are thinking about equity. And cities are uniquely positioned to lead the nation into more equitable outcomes,” said Brooks Rainwater, senior executive and director for city solutions at the National League of Cities (NLC).

Rainwater was responding to a recent report by the NLC titled “The Future of Equity in Cities,” which explored issues like transportation, housing and economic development.

With an eye toward serving more riders with multimodal systems, researchers insist on the need to develop these new ideas for everyone, including the disabled, riders with little access to technology and the unbanked — users who lack bank accounts to link up to mobile-ticketing apps and other popular forms of transit technology.

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Smart City Collaboration in Preparation for the World Urban Forum  

Collaboration in Preparation for the World Urban Forum  

On November 1, 2017, the DIAUD Network held another successful meeting in preparation for the 9th World Urban Forum (WUF9), which will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next February. Members provided information about their planned representation and contributions at the Forum and were also able to collaborate in planning logistics for various events and meetings that will be taking place. The discussion was led by Federico Batista Poitier, Executive Assistant to the President and Communications Coordinator for Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) outlining the side events under consideration by GAATES and World Enabled for WUF9….

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Policy #6: Road design leads to real Complete Streets | Smart Growth America


This post is part of Complete Streets month at Smart Growth America; we will be sharing a series of blog posts that cover and explain each of the 10 revised policy elements in some detail.

Complete Streets implementation relies on using the best and latest state-of-the-practice design standards and guidelines to maximize design flexibility. Creating meaningful change on the ground both at the project level and in the creation of complete, multimodal transportation networks requires jurisdictions to create or update their existing design guidelines and standards to advance the objectives of the Complete Streets policy. Road design is key to truly make streets safer and accessible for all people regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, income, or how they choose to travel….

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Uber India launches wheelchair-accessible vehicles- @uberASSIST

Screenshot-2017-10-31 Uber India launches wheelchair-accessible vehicles – uberACCESS and uberASSIST

Uber India announced the launch of two new products – uberACCESS and uberASSIST supported by Mphasis, a leading cloud and cognitive services provider…. Read Full Story | Source: Uber India launches wheelchair-accessible vehicles- uberACCESS and uberASSIST

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Smart Cities Council | Yes, we DO need to provide mobility for everyone


When we say inclusive mobility, it sounds fairly straightforward: access to affordable transportation for everyone. Providing equitable mobility for everyone might not be easy, but it’s essential if we’re all to have the opportunities to improve our quality of life. Read our story from Smart Cities Week to learn more. Source: Smart Cities Council | Yes, we DO need to…

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Cities that are leading in connected transportation — and what others can learn from them | Smart Cities Dive

people on subway

Editor’s Note: This piece was written by Barry Einsig, global automotive and transportation executive at Cisco. The opinions represented in this piece are independent of Smart Cities Dive’s views. Cities of all sizes are racing to create smarter, more connected transportation systems. Through greater digitization and connectivity, cities can enjoy faster, more efficient traffic management, timelier infrastructure repairs, improved traffic flow…

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Uber Under Fire After NYC Accessibility Requirements


New York City seems to be one of the most regulated places in the United States when it comes to hitching a paid ride, and it’s not like that’s a hard thing to do in the Big Apple. Last week, Uber was dealt another blow when its services came under fire at a hearing held by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Under a requirement proposed earlier this year, Uber would be one of many companies operating out of the city who will be required to keep a chunk of its vehicles handicap accessible. Now it’s reported that Uber is firing back at the proposed numbers…

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Is your city’s transit system prepared for the silver tsunami?


An interesting piece in Consumer Reports suggests that more than 3.5 million Americans 85 and older currently have a driver’s license. But of the millions of older folks who can no longer drive safely, almost three-quarters live in areas with few if any transportation alternatives. And as Michael Tortorello writes, that’s a senior transportation predicament that will only become more urgent as…

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