Now is the Time to Build Smarter and More Accessible #SmartCities

Now is the Time to Build Smarter and More Accessible Cities

There are currently more than 1 billion persons with disabilities worldwide and the rate of urbanization is increasing throughout the world. By considering the needs of all people, we can design for and ensure that our cities become simultaneously smarter and more accessible. As cities invest in Smart City technology they have a unique opportunity to empower all citizens and leave no one behind.

Precisely, the Smart Cities for All global initiative helps cities build smarter and more accessible cities by providing targeted and practical tools. Earlier this year, G3ict and my organization World Enabled launched the Smart Cities for All Toolkit — which is as of today not only available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, but also in Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Marathi. Cities across the Middle East, India, Korea and Japan now have key actionable content in their local languages.

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Digital Inclusion Toolkit for smart cities now in Arabic toolkit, which was launched by agencies G3ict and World Enabled, supported by Microsoft, has been created to help smart city authorities to ensure that their services are suitable for use by all people, to ensure accessibility and inclusion. As cities increasingly leverage technology to engage their citizens, the accessibility of ICTs will be play a key role in ensuring digital services provided by cities reach all citizens, including those with disabilities and older persons. G3ict is an initiative launched by the UN, promoting digital accessibility and Assistive Technologies for people with disabilities. Digital Inclusion Toolkit for smart cities now in Arabic


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