The Future of More Accessible and Inclusive Smart Cities

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In our third public talk, author and community organizer Jane Farrow will moderate a conversation with three accessibility experts who are challenging cities to incorporate principles for inclusive design and ensure accessibility for all: Luke Anderson – Founder & Executive Director – StopGap Foundation; Consultant – AccessAbility Advantage Darren Bates – Founder – Smart Cities Library™; President – Darren Bates Consulting Maayan Ziv – Founder – AccessNow smartphone app; Board Member – Centre for Independent Living in Toronto.

An inclusive neighbourhood must be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. But too often city streets, buildings, and other community spaces marginalize people who use a wheelchair, have sight or hearing impairments, or live with other disabilities.

Digital wayfinding devices, assistive smartphone-based tools, and inclusive design principles can help communities build off baseline accessibility laws to create places that are welcoming, supportive, and easy to navigate for everyone.


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