Transform citizen services at Smart City Expo World Congress

When it comes to meeting citizens’ needs, things have never been harder for cities. But they’ve also never been easier to address with technology.The pressures are unprecedented. With mass urbanization, cities face an ever-increasing demand for services. And people not only want 24/7 access to convenient citizen services, they want to be part of the services that govern them—they expect transparency and accountability from their government.At the same time, cities now have the transformative power of digital technology and the cloud available to them. So they can tackle their challenges in ways that are more economically viable, inclusive, and scalable than ever before.At the upcoming Smart City Expo World Congress, you can learn how Microsoft and our vast ecosystem of partners can help your city do just that. As Trudy Norris-Grey recently wrote, dozens of our most innovative CityNext partners will be there, including partners that offer digital citizen services solutions.

Source: See how you can transform citizen services at Smart City Expo – Microsoft Enterprise

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