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Web4All 2018

W4A continues to be a premiere venue for accessibility research, and we welcome submissions in any of our traditional core areas. This year we especially encourage encourage submissions in the growing and important area of Internet of Things.Devices are becoming pervasive, smarter and more connected. Everything from our thermostats and smart watches, to our cars and in-home assistants either has or will have an Internet connection within the next few years. The 30 billion devices expected to join the “Internet of Things” (IoT) by 2020 provide an unprecedented opportunity to observe the world through their sensors, and the AI trained on this data will make smarter decisions to help us in our everyday lives.The Internet of Things presents both promise and peril for accessibility. The promise includes enabling access to device actions using remote interfaces that could be more accessible than the interface built into the device.

Source: Web4All 2018

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